The mission i am carring on is to create a bridge between Disco culture lovers and Waacking community. Since Waacking esists, was developped with the born of the Disco Music and thanks to the disco music exists, it was popoular in the 70’s in the clubs symbol of this culture as Gino’s in Los Angeles, Studio 54, the Loft and the Paradise Garage in New York. Also thanks to the TV program “Soul Train” so many people get in touch with waacking. Waacking was and is today a movement based on the expression of theirself withot judgement and labels, that’s why is called Social Dance. But why Waacking dance is so unknowed from people who loves Disco? Because Waacking was an underground dance movement very popoular and invented from gay ispanic black men, sadly after the AIDS epidemy the most of waacking dancers died. For two decads nobody waacked. That’s why our mission is to give this dance the relevance it deserved and give back to those people the sequel of what they started. I decided to dedicate my life in this mission because when you find a way to be free, completely, you just want to share this sensation with the most of people you can! Waacking community is a safe zone to be, from the 70’s till today!


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