Waacking: behind a dance style

When you get in contact with Waacking for the first time as a simple spectator, you can immediately perceive that you are in front of a specific dance style that takes its origins from the 70s because of the music genre where it’s performed. The second thing that you can notice very quickly is: “OH WOW ARMS!” Yes Waacking dancers, called Waackers, probably will catch your attention because they are able to rotate arms and hands very fast and you can also recognise that there is something behind the dance moves. Waackers spread their confidence and fabulousness around themselves when they’re around, they dance together and they love each other. That’s the aspect you should focus on when you get in touch with waacking. Waacking is a way to express yourself. It’s a way people explore their sides of themselves and express it in order to feel free. Imagine to have a safe space where you can be whatever you want and people around appreciate you for what you are. Sounds amazing? Sounds unbelievable? IT IS! Culturally and historically that’s why waacking was born, originated from the social minority in the 70’s of a gay black/hispanic men. It was a expression of their surpression and persecution. Today the Waackers still try to live by it, but in a different way. We cannot live it exactly due to different society issues, we are simply living in a totally different era but we are still actively trying to make a safe space where everyone can be theirselves. This aspect is timeless which makes Waacking not revolve around a specific ‘move’ but more about the feeling behind that move. After almost 15 years since it’s resurgance (Waacking disappeared, caused by AIDS epidemic) you can find a community in every country of the globe. (You can find more information about the resurgence in the online article “What is Waacking?”) From small communities composed of 4/5 people to big ones composed by more than 300 people (more information I will write soon about this)So let’s step to how to get in touch with waacking. There are several way to approach Waacking: – Through social media you can certainly follow the #waacking hashtag on Instagram or Facebook and research if some events will happen around in the next months. – If you are in Europe (or you are about to travel Europe) and you are searching for Waacking events you can check this LINK. – You can contact some dancers and ask them to talk about Waacking.- Another way is to search a Waacking class in your city, contact the instructor and come across other Waackers in a dance class. We take care about beginners, don’t be afraid if is your first time dancing! Anyways, thanks to the internet these days, it’s very easy to get in touch with Waacking. If you are reading this article maybe you are curious about waacking and I hope I encouraged you to come and join us! Leave a comment and share if it was helpful for you! And I hope to see you soon in a Waacking event!

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