Who am i?

I’m a professional Waacking performer born and raised in Italy based in Rome. I have an extra side of me very predominant. I’m fashinated from everything brings an old diva feeling with a touch of modernity. Music and dance are basically my life and also i’m a big supporter of LGBTQ+ community. I’m internationally known under the name of Mis Mini. I perform and teach Waacking in many countries of the world. My mission is to let the disco lovers meet with waacking community and help people to express the best they can trought dance. I’m an event oganizer and a details lover, when i’m around everything shoul be perfect and beauty, as a good virgo can say! Eleganza Waacking Festival, the biggest Waacking event in the world, is my and my sister in dance Sarah Ling creation. I love make up and fashion and i trust in people.