What is Waacking?

Waacking is a dance movement all about freedom, self expression, individuality, and release. Is a dance style originated in the 1970s in California. It’s a gay club dance created by gay black and hispanic men. This dance style originated to DISCO MUSIC was a form of expression, it was almost like a coming out of the closet. These men were inspired by MOVIE STAR like Greta Garbo, Marylin Monroe and Marlene Dietrich, they were so classic and glamorous and elegant and they became a big inspiration. After 10 years of this dance in the 80s the AIDS epidemic hit the gay community. Many of the originators passed away and with them, so did the dance. For 2 decades, no one Waacked. Until Brian ” Footwork” Green decided he wanted to bring it back in 2003. He wasn’t one of the original waackers but he knew who was and he sought out Tyrone Proctor an OG waacker and Soul Train dancer. With some effort, Brian got Tyrone out of retirement, to brin Waacking back to the world training the next generation of Waacking Superstars. Now all the dancers around the world doing their things to keep waacking alive! 
Waacking is making the music VISUAL. The dance is embodying confidence, fierceness, fabulousness, personality. Waacking is not exactly the specific dance moves, is more the way that you are EXPRESSING THE MUSIC throught the dance, is more the FEELING that goes with it.

Description caught from the video: Waacking History with Princess Lockerooo(click here to see the video)